Week on May 22-24

Our specials schedule this week is: Monday-Guidance, Tuesday-Art. Wednesday, we will not be having our specials due to the 5th Grade Awards Program.

This final week will be finishing up our Ten-A-See history books and doing some other fun end-of-the-year activities.

Tuesday we will be having our Accelerated Reading Party with outside activities in the afternoon. The children may bring wiffle balls and bats, jump ropes, chalk, balls, and any other outside type of games that will fit in their backbacks. They may also bring a beach towel and wear hats. Please put sunscreen on them as well, as we plan on being out longer than our usual recess times. It looks as if the weather is going to cooperate.

Wednesday will be the children’s last day of school. With your permission your child may bring a board game or an electronic devise. We have to move the classroom furniture into the hallway that afternoon. Our end-of-the-year party will be at 2:00.


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Week of May 15-19, 2017

As you know this is the week that I am returning to Lexington to help my daughter and her family. Mrs. Miller will be substituting for me.

Because of the threat of rain for Friday, our Field Day has been rescheduled for Monday, May 15th. As a working parent myself, I understand that many of you will not be able to change your schedule at the last minute to be able to be here for this fun day. But for those of you that can, your presence is welcome. The activities start at 9:30 as the classes move around to the different games and stations. We will eat lunch outside at our normal lunch time, 11:25. The Tug-of-War will begin at 1:15. Please dress your child appropriately in for the day with shorts, tennis shoes, sunscreen, and a hat or visor. Also please send an additional drink for the day and a beach towel to sit on for lunch. 

Our specials schedule for the rest of the week will be: Tuesday- Library, Wednesday-Computer, Thursday-PE, and Friday-Music.

Our story this week is The Kite, from Days with Frog and Toad. The skills are long i patterns, igh, y, and ie, story structure and infer and predict. Our vocabulary words are across, head, second, ball, heard, should, cried, and large. Our spelling words are my, try, sky, fly, by, dry, pie, cried, night, light, myself, brighter, and the challenge word is laughter. 

The children will be finishing up our study of Ten-A-See history. Watch for their booklets to come home the last week of school.

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Week of May 8-12

Our specials schedule this week is:  Monday-Computer, Tuesday-PE, Wednesday-Music, Thursday-Guidance, Friday-FIELD DAY

Our story this week is What Can You Do? and The Wind and the Sun. and . Our vocabulary words are always, happy, once, different, high, stories, enough and near.  Our spelling words are  hard, harder, hardest, fast, faster, fastest, slow, slower, slowest, soon, sooner, soonest, and the challenge word is binoculars. The skills we are working on are base words with inflections -er, -est, changing y to i, syllable -le, and kinds of sentences.

We will be finishing up our Ten-A-See history unit. Your children have learned many interesting facts about our amazing state.

Field Day is Friday, May 12, weather permitting. Rain date is Monday, May 15. Please dress your child appropriately in socks, tennis shoes, sunscreen, and hats, if they want, as we will be outside the majority of the day. Please send in a beach towel and an extra drink for your child! Parents are welcome and encouraged to join us on this fun-filled day! Hope to see many of you!


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Week of May 1-5

Our special schedule this week will once again be effected by the immediate grades testing. Monday – Wednesday, all the 1st grades will be meeting together for specials in the gym from 1:10-1:40. Thursday – P.E. and Friday – Music.

Our stories this week are The Dot and Artist Create Art. Our vocabulary words are above, bear, even, pushed, studied, surprised, teacher, and toward. Our skills are base words (CVCe, CVC) with endings -ed, and -ing, long e spelled y and ie, exclamations, and compare and contrast. Our spelling words are mix, mixed, hop, hopped, hope, hoping, run, running, use, used, writing, grabbed and our challenge word is squiggle.

The children will have their last AIMSWeb individual ELA and Math testing, in addition to the Math Computation Test this week.

We will continue our study of Ten-A-See history and we learn about our state symbols and other interesting facts about our wonderful state. Be sure to ask your child what he/she has learned so far.

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Week of April 24-28, 2017

Our specials this week will be impacted by the intermediate grades testing. Our specials will be from 1:10-1:40 Monday- Wednesday while testing is going on, with all the 1st graders meeting in the gym for a 30 minute brain break. We will have P.E. on Thursday and Music on Friday at our normal specials time.

Our stories this week are The New Friend and Symbols of Our Country. Our vocabulary words are buy, city, family, myself, party, please, school, and seven. Our spelling words are how, now, cow owl, ouch, house, found, out, gown, town, shout, power, and the challenge word is character. The skills that we are working on are the special sounds of ou, ow, oi, oy, au, and aw, understanding characters and contractions.

In math we will be reviewing time and measurement.

We will also be studying facts about Tennessee as we begin our Ten-A-See Unit.

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Week of April 17-21, 2017

Our specials schedule this week is: Monday – Music, Tuesday – Guidance, Wednesday – Art, Thursday – Library, and Friday – Computer.

Our stories this week are A Tree Is a Plant and Grow, Apples, Grow!. The skills that we will be working on are the vowel digraphs, oo, ue, ew, and ou, multiple meaning words, sequence of events, questions, and figurative language. Our vocabulary words are ready, kinds, covers, country, earth, warms, soil, and almost. Spelling words are soon, new, noon, zoo, boot, too, moon, blew, soup, you, grew, scoop, and the challenge word is blossoms.

In math, we are working on adding and subtracting 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

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Week of April 10-13, 2017

Our specials schedule this week are: Monday – Art, Tuesday – Library, Wednesday – Computer, and Thursday – P.E.

Due to the short week, we will not be reading a story from our text or having spelling words. We will be reviewing skills and will be doing some writing.

We will continue our math unit adding and subtracting two-digit numbers as we follow Hansel and Gretel along their paths in the woods.

Most of the children are doing a great job reading and taking AR tests. Four have already met their goals. I know that we have several weeks left in the grading period, but I also know how busy the spring can be for all of us. Please be sure that our child is reading his/her library books at home and coming to school prepared to take an AR test on them. Thanks for your continued support with this.

Have a safe and wonderful Easter break!

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